Mammoth Second Homeowners

Mammoth Luxury Rentals is a Mammoth based management and reservation company with over 22 years of experience managing and renting condos, and homes. Back in 2002, the company was formed by the Mammoth Tourism Agency to push the private and public partnership programs to build Mammoth tourism and endorsed City Concierge, Inc., our parent company to create a cohesive rental environment for the town.

Your Second Home has value, and depending on your usage, leaving it empty means you are out of pocket on a multitude of expenses. MLR has rental programs that you can benefit by. Condos and townhome will earn the most income on a short term rental program or "STR" as long as they fit into the town's guidelines for livable rentals. Private homes benefit by longer term leases or season leases which are noted by at least a 31 day rental, as long as they too meet the the town's guidelines. Many townhome owners choose to take longer season leases as that is guaranteed income.

We know you will find value and smart economics through our programs.

  • MLR takes care of everything you need to get up and running quickly.
  • Your unit will appear on top travel sites as well as ours. Airbnb, Vrbo, etc.
  • We arrange for your licensing inspections, and business license /occupancy permits
  • We pay all labor costs, to get your unit up to our requirements
  • We pay for professional photography of your property
  • We stock your unit for the first time with appropriate linens, towels and other linens


  • We use state of the art reservation software
  • You will be listed on multiple vacation rental websites
  • We push for direct reservations with us with repeated marketing
  • We run specials for longer stays, repeat guests, and to create a want for your property during slower times
  • We use flexible pricing to increase bookings during slower times


  • We use top quality cleaning crews to keep your place first rate
  • We have our maintenance staff for quick and economical repairs
  • We use quality linens that guests remark are quite posh
  • We help you keep your place stocked with the items most asked for by guests


  • We prepare monthly income reports so you know how you earned your revenue
  • We prepare itemized costs for your taxes, your second home just became a tax deduction!
  • Online fees are split with the owner. You do not have to pay the online travel agent fees
  • We provide an ala carte service, so you're not paying for services you don't need
  • Ala Carte means you earn more money

We encourage you to look at our reviews. We’re listed on Yelp , on Google on Facebook and a new review site Trust Pilot all under the name “City Concierge, Inc.”

Interested? reach out to us, and let us explain why our owners rent with us, stay on our programs for years and have help supporting their second home.